Help Where They Need It

Give your users the answers they need, exactly when and where they need it - with the Helpfuel help bar. Help them, help themselves.

SEE HOW IT WORKS (this is how it looks):

The Easiest Way To Help Your Users When It Matters. And It’s Free!

Get your visitors the answers they’re looking for, when and where they need it, with our help bar. Don’t lose a new user, new customer, new anyone, by having them click away searching - answer it when and where it matters most.

(it's free)
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Increase Your Engagement, Conversions, & More

With the ability to link to your pages that answer specific questions, and the ease to provide quick and relevant answers to any outstanding question, the Helpfuel help bar increases visitor engagement, pageviews, time on site, conversions, and more.

(it's free)

Send More Traffic To Your Site

Every question on Helpfuel, also appears on a dedicated Helpfuel page that links back to your site, driving more traffic back to your pages as a result.

Help Your Users Help Themselves

With the ability to search for their answers, ask new questions, and add their own answers, you’ll spend less time in support mode and more time growing your site.

Installation Is A Snap. Copy & Paste 2 Lines Of Code

It’s that easy. copy just 2 lines of code into your site wherever you want the Helpfuel help bar to appear. Put it in as many places you think that would help.

Helpfuel Code Example


All questions and answers will need your approval before appearing on your site. You’ll be notified as soon as there is something that needs your attention.


You have the option to assign questions to a specific page or to the entire site. This gives you the ability to have common questions, that usually come up, to appear sitewide.


You can preload your Helpfuel with as many questions and answers as you want. Create an FAQ that’s available for your users where it help convert your visitors to users.