There are two ways to retrieve your Helpfuel install code snippets.

If you're new to Helpfuel and haven't signed up yet, you can create an account here (Helpfuel is free). After verifying your email address, you'll be presented with your two short snippets of code to copy and paste into your site. You won't be able to proceed past this step until you successfully place the two lines of code into your site, and then see Helpfuel's help bar appear/load on your site for the first time.

If you already have a Helpfuel account and have already installed the code previously, but need to retrieve your code again, just sign in and look beneath your "Hello, [Name]" line. There's a link to "get the code" which will pop up your two snippets of code whenever you need it.

Ready to move onto installing Helpfuel into your site, go to the How To Install Helpfuel On Your Site guide.

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