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Q: Does Coravin work with wine bottles with screw tops?

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A: Coravin has created a couple solutions to address wines that do not have a traditional natural cork, which is needed to use most of their systems. So if your wine has a screw cap, there are currently two options to utilize a Coravin system: 1) Coravin offers their own screw caps ( which can then be used with all the Coravin systems that utilize a needle-through-the-cork method. The Coravin screw caps use a self-sealing silicone made to mimic the self-sealing nature of the natural cork. But, since you need to open the wine first to put the screw cap on, the wine can only be preserved for a maximum of 3 months if properly used and stored. 2) Coravin now offers an entire system called the Pivot, which can be used for screw capped wine. Similar to the Coravin screw caps, the Pivot comes with a special Pivot stopper, that the Pivot device can then be used to extract the wine through. And similar to the Coravin screw cap, since you'll need to open the wine before using the Pivot system, wine accessed with the Coravin Pivot system stays good for a maximum of 4 weeks if properly used and stored.
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